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Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is a very busy place, and it's not quite either. Lots of people looking down all the time. Always having a pen in hand and writing down numbers, hope you try it ,,,,, 

Friday Night Auction

Looking for some nice furniture, table sets or antiques. Don't miss out, view some of the items from past Sales.

Quilt Auction

Our Quilt Auction is the main attraction here at West Coast Mennonite Relief Sale. It is located in the Special Events Center at Fresno Pacific University. It features over 200 quilts and more. If you love quilting come early to preview and get a good seat. Read more ......

Noon Auction

This is our Special Auction, items we feature that have that unique appeal. See some of the items from past auctions here.

Children's Auction 

The location of the Children's Auction may change from year to year, but it doesn't take away for the fun the kids and parents have. You should see those hands go up!

Outside Auction

The Outside Auction has returned. If you would like to donate items, make sure they are in good working condition and usable. Think of this a yard sale with the proceeds going to a very good cause. See what was sold last year.

Surplus Auction

As the sale comes to a close on Saturday, all surplus items are gathered from the various food booths.  The items are auctioned .... read more.