My Coins Count

every penny, nickel, dime and quarter

over $720,000 in donations nation wide


My Coins Count, and so do yours


Located at the south east corner of the Special Events Center, My Coins Count is not just for kids, it's for the whole family. Collect your pocket change, put it into a "bank" we can supply and help raise funds for MCC. Matching donations from businesses are encouraged as well as larger donations. (Booth #7)

Coins add up! Every year we collect coins to benefit the work of MCC!  Just a few coins, from a lot of people, can really add up!  So start collecting your coins NOW, then bring them to the Relief Sale in April!  Contact for more information, or to see how your church or group can get involved! Watch the video.


Join the effort by bringing coins to this year's sale,

April 6 & 7, 2018.

This year's coins will be donated to MCC's Global Family program, which supports education around the world. Monies raised for Global Family program helps the whole community, not just one child. Global Family programs are community based, which means local schools and community leaders determine their education priorities.

Learn more about My Coins Count and how to get involved. Here's some ideas:

  • Spread the word. Order My Coins Count wrappers at, to label containers for spare change, or create your own containers to gather contributions. View and print wrappers and posters from the resources.
  • Get people excited! Share stories in children's time, make announcements. The best way to get people excited is by telling stories about the difference their coins will make. Links to stories on​ water, food, oeducation.

  • Collect coins in Sunday school or during offering time. Involve the children and make it joyful!
    Sing the My Coins Count song. Collect for My Coins Count year-round or focus on select Sundays.

  • Track your progress. You can use a large container – one church used a wheelbarrow – to collect change over time. Others make posters or charts to note their progress. Set goals and have fun
    rewards for meeting them.

  • Make a match. Invite adults to match the contributions of the children and quickly multiply your impact.