Used Books

Nothing like reading a good book

and finding one too


.... a Used Book cost, how much?

Used Books is now located in Ashley Auditorium in McDonald Hall, where you will find thousands of books to chose from. If you love reading for hours, you can spend hours here. Ray Winter and Jeff Jones spend a week getting ready for the Sale. All you have to do is walk in and you will realize that. (Booth #17)

How much does a book cost you ask? They will tell you --"It's whatever you think it's worth. It's all donation-based pricing, so give as you're lead." This makes pricing very easy, so please give as your lead. And if you have a book or a box of books to donate, they will gladly take those too.

Ray and Jeff have been in charge of Used Book's for eight years now. Before that Dalton Reimer and family was in charge for 3 decades. This shows how dedicated they are to the Sale and how much they love books. Come on by and spend some quality time looking for that one more book you can't do without.