A Mennonite Tradition


 prounced - vur-EN-ih-kuh


It's been passed on for generations ..


Perhaps the most sought after dinner at the Relief Sale is the Verenike (vur-EN-ih-kuh) Dinner because of its appeal of being such a traditional Mennonite food. What is a Verenike you ask? Verenike are small dough pockets filled with a cottage cheese mixture, boiled, fried, and served with cream gravy. Verenika became a part of the ethnic Mennonite Brethren experience when Mennonites live in Ukraine. And...clearly...the experience is about taste, not calorie count. What else is in the traditional dinner, sausage, green beans, cherry moos (a cherry soup served cold), zwieback, and pie. Which not all of those are included in our dinner at the Sale.

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