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When you attend our Relief Sale your experience might be like a street fair, a county fair, or perhaps even a festival. We have a lot of activities: the main one is the quilt auction, the second is eating! Check out the et cetera page to find all the other activities that you might be interested in. In all of this, you can support our Sale by purchasing a dinner, a quilt, or a plant in the Garden Shop. Last year a big hit was the Scavenger Hunt we had for kids of all ages - it will take you all around the Sale!

Another way to be involved is to donate an item for one of the auctions. Could be a piece of furniture, a running lawn mower, a quilt, or a potted plant. You could run or walk the 5K, and perhaps get rid of some of those old books that have been lying around for a while. Another is to keep your lose change and donate it to My Coins Count. It's up to you, there are plenty of ways to donate to help raise money. If you do have any items you wish to donate, contact us at info@awestcoastmccsale.org and we'll get in touch.

What better way to be involved than to volunteer to help at the Sale. This is how the Sale functions, by hundreds of people donating a few hours to assist at one of the food booths, or at the Country Store, and on the quilt wheel showing off the quilts as they are auctioned off. Contact the chairperson for what you're interested or at info@westcoastmccsale.org and we will get you involved. Giving and serving In the Name of Christ is a very satisfying and rewarding way to help others that are in need.