The people who organize the Sale

Who are They?



A group of people, that work for you...


West Coast Mennonite Relief Sale Board of Directors. The people who work to put this Relief Sale together. Meetings start in September and run through April. There are members as far away as Bakersfield, but most live around the Fresno area. If you would like to donate time and energy, it's all about teamwork and it always helps to have more people to make the work lighter. Contact us at and we'll get in touch.


Board Chair - Ken Willems 559-439-5535
Board Vice Chair - Steve Goossen 559-360-6271
Board Secretary - Darrell Unruh 559-323-8607
Board Treasurer - Karen Wall 559-907-6662
Auction (Indoor) - Kevin Friesen 559-355-6915
Auction (Outdoor) - Vern Willems 559-246-1518
Used Books - Ray Winter = 559-453-2000
Car Displays and Auction - Jerry Koop 661-332-3736
Vintage Shop - Cheryl Friesen 559-859-2292
Facilities/Set-up - Steve Goossen 559-360-6271
Foods - Rosalyn Malamma 661-589-3248
Garden Shop -
Kids Activities - Connie Koop
My Coins Count -
Run for Relief - Steve Penner 559-618-0218
Outside Auction - Vern Williams
Silent Auction - Janice Porter 559-970-0317
Tagua -
Member-at-large - Jamie Mack 559-974-1734