We've Got Food

- Tri Tip - Zwieback - Mexican -


Plenty to eat here ...



Take Notice, buy your Food Tickets

We do not take cash at our Food Booths. Please purchase your food tickets where we sell them, booth #10.

When do we start serving food?

On Friday about 4 p.m. we hope to have all the food booths serving food. But you might want to come early and by chance and get some hot Zwieback. On Saturday we have the Pancake and German Sausage Breakfast at 7 a.m. Enjoy the Sale.

Food on the Green

You have a good selection of food on the Green. From Mexican, BBQ, Falafel sandwich, and traditional Mennonite food. Last year we had Salvadoran food for the first time. Church members from Comunidad Cristiana City Terrace Hermanos Menonitas in Los Angeles drove four hours to sell pupusas –fried, flattened dough filled with savory meat and cheese. Check the other varieties out here.

Country Store

Here you will have your best shopping experience of the Sale. Offering Amish cheese and butter, jam and jelly, cookbooks, and more.


The "two bread" Zweiback booth is by far the busiest booth at the Relief Sale. Wonder why, you just have to try one, or two or  three. Be sure to take some home. Yes the longest line at the Sale, is at the Zwieback booth.


The Verenika dinner is the most sought after dinner at the Sale. Because of its appeal to be the most traditional Mennonite food. Read more here.  


In Low German or in Plautdietsch, Fritters would be called Portselkje. Perhaps your mom made these on New Year's day? Read more here...

Saturday Breakfast

The traditional Pancake German Sausage Breakfast the Sale has had for quite awhile now. See what else is offered.